Our Aluminum Roller is manufactured in order to perfectly meet client’s specifications. They are specially considered and created in sheltered collaboration with the customer. Each production process is standardizing because complete quality assurance is a matter for sure. We are presenting an exclusive assortment of aluminum rollers that used for Rewinding, Unwinding, Slitting, Packaging, Wrapping, Printing and Tracking in various industries. We offer rollers in fixed length but length can be varied as per freely specified in 1 mm increments by client’s requirements.

Characteristics of Aluminum Roller

Material Aluminum
Surface Mirror Polished
Roller type Hard Anodized, Dead Shaft, Aluminum Scroll, Live Shaft Idler Rolls which can be chosen according to the application
Application Textile, Printing, Conveyor Equipment, Paper
Roller Diameter  As per Requirement
Surface Coating  Rubber, PU, FEP, HDPE


Features of Aluminum Roller

  • Avoid Surface Rusting on the Roller
  • Strong Abrasion Properties
  • To Prevent Chemical Corrosion
  • Steel-Clad Roller
  • Greater Performance
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Superior in Quality
Aluminium Roller